Our Plastic Shopping Baskets will Add More Impulse Sales for your store!

Our shopping baskets offer the unique benefits below that will build your sales.


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Why Our Baskets..
Make You Money!



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More Sales $… In The Big Basket

It’s what customers like you have told us for over 23 years about our BIG plastic shopping basket. Because of this, we are the “last American Plastic Basket Manufacturer”. Our customers tell us our baskets are better than any others they have used. That our baskets have resulted in more sales through larger, more frequent impulse purchases. Why?

Because of many unique product benefits our baskets offer such as: comfortable unbreakable handles; bigger sturdier baskets that will hold more products, and better basket displays that customers see and therefore use more often.

We have even had many customers tell us that shoppers in their stores “actually thanked store personnel for having such a comfortable, convenient shopping basket!”

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About Our Background: ( link to Stronger Baskets)

“It’s more than just a design element as it is a photo of ‘recycled’ co-polypropylene used to make our unique shopping baskets”!

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