Good L Corp’s customized shopping baskets are mobile billboards for your brand!

Good L Corp crafts exceptional shopping baskets using durable materials to maximize retail results. At Good L. Corp, we recognize that our spacious, easy-to-tote shopping baskets do more than increase shopper comfort and efficiency (don’t worry, they do that too). Our lightweight and durable carriers are strategically designed to support both planned and unplanned purchases, directly impacting your revenues and profit margins.

Customer choosing salad produckt with blue medium sized plastick basket

Increase your impulse sales

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Manufactured with 100% recycled materials

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Made in the USA

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Quality Materials

Good L Corp uses select materials and resources on all our American made products for innovative, value-driven designs that optimize strength, style, and space.

Recycled Plastic

We produce our our big, tall, large, standard, and mini baskets using 100% recycled plastics for unparalleled product durability and environmental peace of mind.

High Quality Steel

No squeaky wheels here! Good L Corp uses premium quality steel throughout every cart to minimize rust and promote peak performance at all times.

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Made in the USA

Are your retail carts and baskets driving sales…or driving customers away?

At Good L Corp, we design every product to maximize both customer satisfaction and promotional impact. No frustrating, broken wheels or heavy, hard-to-carry bins that force customers to leave potential purchases behind. Good L Corp’s delivers high-performing, premium quality shopping carts and baskets in multiple sizes for performance and convenience that suit every shopper need, instantly reducing profit-loss situations that directly impact your revenues.

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