How Durable Are Wire Shopping Carts?

Wire cart in a grocery store

Just like any other investment you make for your business, you want your shopping carts to stand the test of time. Long-lasting carts are a major asset for retail and grocery stores of all sizes. If you decide to go with metal carts rather than plastic ones, you may be well aware of the forces that threaten them — impact, moisture/rust, chemicals, etc. But how durable are wire shopping carts, exactly? The answer to this question largely depends on how the carts are manufactured and maintained. 

At Good L Corp., our wire carts are built from quality materials, such as steel and polyurethane, and designed with maximum longevity and customer satisfaction in mind. Let’s dig deeper into the various factors that make our wire carts so durable.

How Wire Carts Are Durable

Made to Maneuver Easily Through Aisles

Heavy duty shopping carts are able to take a hit now and again, but the fewer collisions, the better. Most cart collisions occur when aisles are too narrow and the cart itself is difficult to steer to safety. A crucial way to protect a cart from impact, then, is to maximize its maneuverability — this is precisely how Good L Corp.’s wire shopping carts are designed. Our smaller (10W) wire cart boasts a smaller frame without sacrificing too much in the way of carrying capacity. Moreover, the corner bumper reinforcements found on all of our wire cart offerings form a buffer that protects both the cart and other store surfaces from abrasion and harsh impact. Even our larger wire shopping carts deliver a smooth navigation experience for customers, especially when selected for stores with wider aisles and more open spaces.

Resistant to Rust

As is the case with most other metal objects, steel carts are inherently susceptible to oxidation (i.e., rusting) when exposed to enough moisture and air over time. While these chemical forces can’t be changed, the reaction that causes carts to rust can be deterred with the right methods. Keeping your carts out of the rain and snow via sheltered cart corrals and other storage solutions makes a big difference in this regard. Just as importantly, however, all of our wire shopping carts are provided with a baked-enamel finish that seals the vulnerable metal surfaces underneath. With proper care, this protective finish can last several years, keeping your carts free from rust for a long time to come. And, if needed, additional coatings can be provided to reinforce your carts’ rust-resistant qualities.

Outfitted with Heavy-Duty Wheel Bearings

A cart’s durability isn’t merely determined by its frame but also by its wheels and surrounding components. After all, your shopping carts are only useful if they can properly roll from one location to the next. Not only do our carts feature sturdy wheels with a polyurethane tread that won’t scuff or damage floors — they also come equipped with strong wheel bearings that don’t easily squeak. While a squeaky wheel might seem like a minor concern, even one or two noisy wheels among your fleet of carts can greatly hinder the customer experience and, therefore, your reputation. Our wire carts’ heavy-duty wheels and bearings ensure smooth sailing on all fronts.

Coated Twice to Maintain a Bright Finish

The conversation around cart durability may be mostly focused on functionality, but aesthetics matter, too. Simply put, you want your wire shopping carts to retain a bright, beautiful appearance for as long as possible. Carts that still look like new after plenty of usage benefit your store’s image as a whole. Fortunately, the bright zinc finish (which is reinforced with a second coat of clear powder) with which we coat our wire carts to keep them looking fresh for a long time, especially when periodically cleaned.

Lightweight but Able to Carry Large Loads

Maneuverability matters when it comes to your store’s shopping carts. At the same time, however, you want to make sure your customers can load up their carts with large purchases. It may seem like these two goals are at odds with one another, but our wire carts offer the best of both worlds. Even our smaller (10W) wire cart, which only clocks in at 30 lbs., can carry up to 100 L worth of stuff. Our 25W wire cart is a bit heavier, at 52 lbs. and carries up to 150 L., while our largest wire cart (40W) carries as much as 180 L, only weighing 63 lbs. These larger metal carts are also equipped with a heavier oblong bottom frame for extra durability. No matter how you slice it, each type of cart is relatively lightweight and highly capacious, meaning customers can easily get around the store while grabbing plenty of items off the shelf.

The Bottom Line

So, how durable are our wire shopping carts? While it’s difficult to answer this question precisely, we can say with confidence that all of our wire carts can last up to 5 years in high-traffic stores and 10+ years in less active locations — the exact lifespan of a given wire cart largely depends on how well you maintain them, of course. Regardless, when seeking the best shopping carts for your business, Good L Corp. offers only the most durable options available.

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