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Sometimes shopping calls for a device larger than a basket but smaller than a shopping cart. The basket cart is the perfect solution for stores with narrow aisles, heavy products, and frustrated customers. You can even improve the number of impulse purchase in store with the basket cart!

A Big & Standard Basket Cart Can Help By:

  • Improving shopper satisfaction
  • Enhancing the store atmosphere
  • Easy restocking
  • More features than a shopping cart or basket
  • Growing brand awareness

Features of Big and Standard Basket Carts

Big and Standard Basket Carts:

  • Liquid polyester coating over a bright zinc finish.
  • Turn “on a dime” – Only 16” wide, great for narrow aisles
  • Optimum shopping – Carts & baskets for more impulse sales & longer shopping
  • Doubles as an easy re-stocking cart
  • Use in any store or room, even the smallest; better than a walker
  • Rounded handle end – No “handle ears” on the end that can be broken/lost
Standard double plastic basket iron cart

Standard Basket Cart

The best of both worlds! Good L Corp’s Standard Basket Cart combines “turn on a dime” operation with our innovative design technology and craftsmanship. Offering a frame made of liquid polyester coating over a bright zinc finish and heavy tread wheels, this model easily fits two standard Good L Corp baskets for an optimized shopping experience.

  • Dimensions: 17.5”L x 14.8” W x 36”H
  • Nest: 6.8”
  • Weight: 16 lbs
  • Skid: 34 carts – FedEx – 3 per carton!
big double red basket in one cart

Big Basket Cart

Offer shoppers a seamless blend of utility and accessibility to promote extended store visits and increased impulse sales. Designed for optimal mobility, when outfitted with our large, premium plastic baskets, the Big Basket Cart is a perfect, small-space solution for customers that value comfort and convenience.

  • Dimensions: 21”L x 15.8” W x 37”H
  • Nest: 6.8”
  • Weight: 21 lbs
  • Skid: 30 carts – FedEx – 2 per carton!
Small cart for kids with green plastic basket

Kiddie Cart

Let your smallest customers pretend they are shopping too with Good L Corporation’s premium quality Kiddie Cart. A miniature rendition of our standardized shopping carts, the Kiddie Cart holds items of various sizes to help keep children engaged and happy, enhancing the entire family’s overall shopping experience.

  • 17.5″ L x 14.8″ W x 24 H
  • Holds Standard Basket
  • Nest 6.8″ Wt 12 lbs
  • FedEx Ground – 4 per carton

Don’t Forget to Add Your Logo

A great way to increase total sales for your store is to also improve brand awareness at the same time. How do you accomplish that? By putting your logo and brand colors on your Basket Carts! Place your order today to learn more about our logo capabilities.

Standard double plastic basket iron cart

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