Why Tall Shopping Baskets Are Perfect for a Department Store


Your department store thrives when customers have access to all the types of home goods, clothing, and personal products they need – as well as the right shopping cart to carry them in. Here’s why tall shopping baskets are an optimal choice for department stores to offer as their customers shop, and how having these readily available can impact your profitability.

What Makes Tall Shopping Baskets Different?

When customers go to any store – be it a grocery store or a large department store like yours – they need the right receptacle to carry all their products. There’s nothing worse than customers browsing big, bulky items and not having the right cart or basket to transport them in.

Often, stores offer their customers shopping carts and baskets that can’t actually hold the goods they’re selling. This puts the customer at a disadvantage and could greatly impact sales if they can’t carry what they need or have to go back for a second cart or basket.

Tall baskets provide a happy medium between a bulkier shopping cart and a small handheld shopping basket. At 10” high, they are able to hold more than a standard 9” basket, making them perfect for the customer who is stopping in to purchase a few items – but may need room for a bit more!

What Are Some Benefits of Tall Shopping Baskets?

Good L Corporation’s line of tall baskets equip your customers to carry all sorts of clothing and homewares with ease. Whereas tall wire baskets might snag fabrics in clothing and home goods, our American-made baskets are made of 100% recycled premium plastics and high-quality craftmanship to provide a shopping solution that’s both durable and eco-friendly. 

Why use shopping baskets instead of (or in addition to) shopping carts? Think of it this way: customers often stop into your store to purchase one or two items and may not choose a shopping cart if they’re interested in getting in and out quickly. Large tall baskets prioritize comfort, convenience, and utility while offering slightly more space for those “extra” items your customers fall in love with on their shopping journey.

Possibly one of the biggest advantages of tall shopping baskets is the ability to brilliantly showcase your company logo and color palette for a high-profile display that commands customer attention and helps increase sales. Our baskets come in a variety of colors to match your company aesthetic, enhancing your overall store atmosphere and improving your shoppers’ satisfaction.

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When it comes to shopping carts and baskets that are customized with your company branding, Good L Corporation has you covered. Year-round, we offer a line of tall baskets for sale to meet your store’s and customers’ needs.

Good L Corporation delivers innovative shopping cart and basket solutions for retailers on a global scale. Good L Corp. can configure the right carryall strategy to boost your retail business, from a fleet of new custom carts to launch your store opening to replacement baskets that supplement your existing shop supply. Let’s get started! Contact us today for a no-pressure sales quote!

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