Customer Service is Key in Retail Stores

When you go grocery shopping, the last thing you expect someone to do is hold open the door, help you find the items you need, or ask you how your day is going. Yet, those simple tasks are what makes one retail store stand out from a competitor. No matter if you patron a service business or go shopping at a retail location, customer service is what turns your shopping experience from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s that little extra step taken by employees that can dramatically increase sales and the overall reputation of your retail store.

The Importance of Good Customer Service

Customers Will Remember Their Positive Experience

Believe it or not, but a simple smile from an employee in your store can brighten up a customer’s entire day! Going the extra mile to ensure that the customer is happy while in your store will create a great memory for them. Plus, they’ll be more likely to recommend your store to others if they have a great time.However, with that said, a customer will definitely remember a negative experience. If your employees slam the door, ignore the customer, or fail to help them resolve their problem, the lack of customer service has an even greater (and ultimately worse) impact that positive customer service. It’s in your best interest to ensure that your employees know how to properly help and treat customers.

Customer Service Extends Beyond Conversations

One could argue that the appearance of your store is a level of customer service, especially for retail stores. If your shopping carts are broken and unusable, that puts a damper on the entire customer experience! If employees are standing around while there’s a mess in aisle four, that’s a terrible form of customer service.In retail stores, customers are not standing around waiting for a service to occur. Instead, they are actively looking for what they need. The layout of your store is a form of customer service. If it’s confusing to navigate or items are placed illogically throughout the store, the level of service your customer will experience is a bit dismal. Make sure your customer service extends to areas of your business in addition to your employees.

Word of Mouth Can Make or Break a Retail Store

Customers talk — especially loyal customers! If you provide stellar customer service, your loyal customers will tell their friends, family, coworkers and others about your business. Word of mouth marketing is a powerful tool that thrives on great customer service.The tiniest details, such as properly stacked shopping baskets, can have a significant effect on a customer’s experience. If by chance they have a bad experience, there is a large chance that they’ll tell others. No matter their experience, they’ll spread their opinions — so make sure your customer service provides a wonderful shopping experience at your retail store!

Shopping Carts and Baskets Are Part of Customer Service Too

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