Be Seen, Get Used – Why You Should Have Shopping Baskets that Stack High

When it comes to shopping, customers’ ability to carry more items increases the amount of items they can buy, potentially resulting in more sales for your business. That is why shopping carts and baskets are vital parts of the retail shopping process; because they allow customers to hold onto and purchase more items.

Now, the tricky part is how to get the baskets into the customers’ hands. The best way to do this is by making sure the shoppers in your store can easily locate the available shopping baskets. This can be accomplished in many ways, but the most effective method is to simply have shopping baskets that can be stacked high and visible.

Why You Should Have High-Stacking Shopping Baskets

Shopping Baskets Need to Be Seen

If customers cannot easily find shopping baskets inside your store, then they simply are not doing you any good. Take advantage of people’s propensity to make impulse purchases and make sure every customer has a shopping basket.Shopping baskets that are stacked high will be easy to spot even from some distance inside of a store. Remember that customers are still transitioning to the design and layout of your store right when they enter, so this is probably not the best area to place stacked baskets.High traffic areas further into the store work much better, and basket displays that are stacked high will be more effective at catching a customer’s eye as they pass by.

Convenience Is Key

Impulse purchases are made on an actual impulse. These buying decisions are made very quickly, so it is best to make it as easy as possible for them to pick up a shopping basket.By stacking shopping baskets high, customers will not have to bend over with merchandise in their hands to pick up a basket if they are assembled in a tall stack. These simple conveniences go a long way when it comes to influencing purchasing decisions.It is critical to instruct your employees to make sure that these basket displays are always replenished and packed with shopping baskets – occasional inspections are all it takes.

Place Them Properly

Now that you have shopping baskets that can be neatly stacked, you need to map out where inside your store the most impulse purchases are made. These are the areas that deserve the basket displays; places with smaller items, possibly even sale items, that don’t require much thought or planning when purchasing.As anyone who has ever shopped in a large retail store knows, baskets can fill up very quickly. It happens to everyone, and by placing these easy-to-locate baskets in closer proximity to certain items can pay dividends in the long run.

Your Shopping Basket Provider

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