Shopping Cart Maintenance – How to Avoid Costly Replacements

Blue and orange shopping carts.

So, you’ve just purchased a whole new fleet of bright and shiny shopping carts for your retail store — now what?

You obviously want them to last as long as possible, and if you purchased your shopping carts from the Good L. Corporation you know that you’ve got the most durable shopping carts out there. However, even the most well-built shopping carts will see the effects of everyday wear and tear and eventually be due for some type of repair. Regular maintenance inspections and repairs will extend the life of your shopping carts and help you avoid costly replacements.

How to Avoid Costly Replacements With Regular Shopping Cart Maintenance

Keep It Clean

The easiest way to keep up your shopping carts is to regularly clean them. Cleaning your carts does more than make them look nice — it helps maintain the carts’ usability. If you are looking for an effective and fast way to clean your fleet of carts, try applying a standard degreaser, brushing away large debris by hand, and then power washing with hot water. Aside from bringing back your carts’ beautiful shine, the hot water will kill off bacteria and remove rust. We’ve all pushed a cart around a store with a piece of tape or other obstacle lodged in the wheel; make sure your customers never experience that.

Make Repairs

After each cart is cleaned, you can inspect them and see which ones need additional repairs. Here’s what you need to be looking for:

  • Loose/squeaky wheels
  • Damaged bumpers
  • Broken wires
  • Loose/bent handles
  • Bent casters

These types of problems can be easily repaired and will extend the life of your shopping carts for years!

Why Bother With Shopping Cart Maintenance?

While it might not seem like a great use of your time, regularly maintaining your shopping carts is a very wise time investment for two main reasons:

  • Avoid Replacements – Replacing shopping carts might seem like an easy quick fix to your problem, but replacements add up over time. You will save a great deal in the long run by setting aside time and making necessary replacements to your carts as needed.
  • Reduce Liability – Shopping carts that are in constant working order will reduce the number of liability-related incidents. Store equipment failure is one the leading causes of worker’s compensation and negligence-related lawsuits, so keep your employees’ and customers’ health secure with properly operating shopping carts.

The Shopping Cart Leader

Your first line of defense against shopping cart malfunctions is to have the best shopping carts out there. If you are looking for new shopping carts or baskets, contact the Good L. Corporation today!

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