Shopping Carts and Baskets for the Holiday Season

Woman in Christmas clothing in a shopping cart

Shopping increases around the end of the year. Everyone knows this, and it goes for all forms of purchases. Families are preparing extravagant meals from Thanksgiving on, as well as gathering gifts for others, and probably themselves (who can blame them with these sales, though?).

But back to business: if a store is having a deal that can’t be beaten, they should prepare themselves for a large number of shoppers. While there are many factors that can control heavier store traffic, one thing, in particular, can make or break a shopper’s holiday season experience. Stores should always provide a sufficient amount of high-quality baskets and shopping carts for customers, this being especially true during the holiday season.

Benefits of Shopping Carts and Baskets for the Holiday Season

Provide for an Increased Amount of Shoppers

An increase in shoppers may lead to a “shopping trip” for your store. What this means is that your store may need to invest in more baskets and shopping carts if supplies are low. Also, be sure that baskets and carts are in their top condition. Nobody enjoys holding on to an uncomfortable handle or pushing around a shopping cart that’s constantly veering one way or the other.

Strategize When Determining Placement

Make the shopping process easy and convenient for customers. When people enter a store, make sure that a warm environment, in addition to enough shopping carts and baskets, greets them. Baskets and carts should be readily available at the storefront. There can be additional places for baskets around the store as well. Purchase baskets that can stack high for added benefits. Be sure that there are places for carts and baskets by the store’s exit and enough designated areas for carts in the parking lot.

Keep Clean

Increased customer traffic leads to increased usage of carts and baskets, which leads to increased… germs. Ick. Nobody likes that. Be sure to provide stations with hand sanitizer and/or wipes for cart and basket handles. This can provide people with peace of mind while beginning their trip and encourage them to use carts and baskets when they shop. Organization is Key Make sure that all carts and baskets are being put back where they belong. There’s not a lot worse than finding a great parking spot only to realize it has been taken by a rogue shopping cart. Have enough people on staff to keep things in order from the time customers enter the parking lot to the time they leave it. Good L Corporation

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