Top 5 Features to Prioritize When You Buy Shopping Carts

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It’s not enough to provide your customers with just any shopping carts. If your store is filled with carts that are well past their prime, unsuitable for your typical shopper, and/or otherwise not optimized for your business, your reputation and sales will suffer. Replacing those old carts can be a major boon for your business, but only if the new fleet is designed to streamline the shopping experience on the whole. Of course, in order to improve said shopping experience (along with your bottom line and reputation), you must know which features matter when selecting new shopping carts for your store.

Let’s break down the five most important features to look for when you plan to buy shopping carts.

Best Features in a New Shopping Cart

1. Customization

The more you can customize your carts, the better. Even if every shopping cart serves the same basic function, these vessels can vary widely in appearance, shape, size, and more. While some shopping cart manufacturers only offer one specific type of cart, others allow purchasers to select carts with unique specifications based on their business’ needs. Having access to these specification options is key to stocking your store with the best possible carts for your customers. In addition to customizing your carts’ color scheme and other aesthetics, you can pick from different cart sizes, materials, and special shopping cart features. Taking the time to study customer habits and preferences will help you optimize your new carts to the benefit of every customer and your bottom line.

2. Durability

No matter the appearance or size of your shopping carts, you’ll want them to stand the test of time. Despite everyone’s best efforts, customers and employees will bump their carts into shelves, walls, and other carts – there’s simply no way around it. Moreover, the environment will take its toll on your carts, especially those that remain outdoors for extended periods of time. Because this wear and tear is inevitable, your best bet is to buy the most heavy duty shopping carts you can without breaking your budget. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, materials matter. The best shopping cart manufacturers use high-quality metals and plastics to construct their products. It’s worth asking a given manufacturer about the materials they use and how they’re processed. Ultimately, you want to go with carts that resist rusting, don’t dent or break easily, and can comfortably carry large loads.

3. Storage Considerations

Whether you keep them inside, outside, or both, shopping carts will take up some portion of your property’s space. For larger stores, these spatial concerns are less of an issue. Smaller stores, on the other hand, must carefully consider how many carts they can reasonably contain as well as how and where to store them. Some of these concerns come down to cart size – if you run a smaller space, you might need to offer smaller carts. If you sell larger goods, however, small carts might not cut it for many of your customers. As such, the way in which you store your carts may play a pivotal role in your store’s success. Ideally, your carts will easily fit into one another, taking up as little space as possible when not in use. Moreover, each cart should be easy to remove from its resting position to streamline the customer experience, reduce wear and tear, and minimize the risk of accidents. And lastly, your carts should be clearly visible when customers enter your store.

4. Versatility

Shopping carts serve a simple but important purpose: they allow customers to haul several objects at once throughout the store so they can easily make their purchase and load their vehicle. That said, not every customer goes about their shopping trip the same way. The best carts are those that offer enough space and functionality for a range of shopping habits. For instance, parents who bring their small children to the store can benefit from a folding rack in which they can place their kid(s) as they shop. Likewise, those looking to purchase large, long objects might need a cart with a lengthy bottom rack to keep the rest of the cart free for other purchases. Double-basket carts are great for those who wish to separate items by size, weight, or type. Simply put, versatility can make a major difference when it comes to your shopping carts. Knowing this, you might prioritize buying shopping carts with unique features that suit the needs of your customers.

5. Maneuverability

A shopping cart is only useful if it can get from point A to point B with little to no resistance. Which shopping cart is the best based on your experience? Is it the one that glides smoothly across the floor, or the one with a loose or stuck wheel that makes it nearly impossible to push in a straight line? The answer is obvious. Of course, keeping your carts in great condition is only part of the equation here. In addition to purchasing carts built from durable materials and inspecting, maintaining, and repairing wheels when necessary, you should choose carts that are well-suited for the size and layout of your store. If you have limited space and narrow, winding aisles, large carts might be too bulky to easily navigate (especially when it’s busy). So, prioritize carts that boast sturdy wheels and the proper dimensions for what your customers have to deal with.

Finding the Right Shopping Carts for Your Customers

When looking to buy new shopping carts for your store, consider their customization potential, durability, storage efficiency, versaility, and maneuverability. If you keep an eye out for these five features, you can give your customers the shopping experience they deserve, and in turn benefit from increased sales and improved reputation.

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