What Kind of Stores Typically Have Double Basket Carts?

Double basket shopping cart

As someone who owns or manages a store, you know how much goes into keeping your customers satisfied each and every day: stellar customer service, provision of the goods and services they desire, an inviting atmosphere, and so on. The devices you offer your customers to accompany their journey (i.e., carts and baskets) also factor into this equation. After all, it’s not ideal for anyone if a customer needs to rely solely on their hands and arms to grab what they need. Shopping carts and baskets streamline the shopping experience in general, but these vessels come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations that are more or less suited for certain types of stores. Double basket shopping carts, for instance, which offer two vertically separated nests, can come in handy in many situations. Let’s explore what kind of stores typically have double basket carts and why, so you can decide if these unique vessels are right for your location.

Where Should You Have Double Basket Carts?

Grocery Stores

This is a broad categorization considering how many different grocery stores are out there. That said, every grocery store has one thing in common: selling various food products such as non-perishable goods, produce, fresh and/or packaged meats, and so on. While standard shopping carts are usually plenty big to carry the cargo of a given shopper, many shoppers will prefer to create some separation between their disparate food items. For instance, even if meat is properly packaged and well-sealed, some people won’t want it coming into direct contact with their produce. The two-tiered nature of double shopping carts makes it much easier to keep specific items away from each other. In this case, the customer might place their meat products on the lower basket to prevent potential cross-contamination and mitigate the risk of leakage from above.

Stores that Sell a Wide Variety of Goods

Grocery stores aren’t the only stores that benefit from double basket shopping carts and the separation they offer. You might find double basket carts at any store that sells a variety of items that differ in shape, size, weight, and fragility. Filling a standard cart with a blend of items can lead to disorganization in no time. More importantly, however, this can result in crushed, bent, or otherwise damaged goods if you’re not careful. Consider a scenario in which a customer purchases glassware from a store as well as bulky, heavier gear — even if they’re careful to place the heaviest items on the bottom of your standard cart, the movements that take place from carrying those goods around the store can end up damaging the most fragile things in there. A double basket cart will allow your customers to keep their smaller and more delicate goods at a safe distance from their larger and heavier ones so they can shop with peace of mind, and you don’t have to worry as much about breakage.

Stores with Limited Storage Capacity

There’s a good chance you’ll also find double basket carts at stores with limited space. This is because these two-tiered carts, while sometimes slightly taller than your standard shopping cart, aren’t as long or wide and still offer about the same capacity for purchases. When it comes to nesting them inside one another for storage, then they take up much less space than their longer, wider counterparts. Generally speaking, your store can fit about twice as many double basket carts in the space required to store standard shopping carts, which means you can provide far more vessels for your customers without sacrificing any more square footage.

Stores that Want to Offer Customers More Mobility

This point ties directly to the previous one. Double basket carts aren’t just easier to store due to their smaller size — they’re also easier to maneuver. The long, wide nature of traditional shopping carts results in plenty of collisions, wide turns, and awkward movements, especially as they get more and more weighed down by what’s inside. When using a double basket cart instead, customers have more control over their motions and have much more clearance as they navigate aisles and shop alongside others. While shopping baskets offer the greatest amount of mobility and control for customers, they can’t carry as much as a double basket cart, plus they can be a pain to carry around for long stretches. In this way, double basket carts provide the perfect compromise between baskets and carts — convenient, plenty of space, and not in the way.

Stores that Wish to Increase Impulse Sales

This final category applies to virtually every store out there. After all, what business doesn’t want to boost its sales? Providing double basket carts for your customers is a great way to increase those last-minute purchases, too. While some customers will come into your store with a gameplan, others will grab a double basket cart and pick things up on a whim, often not utilizing all the space these unique shopping carts have to offer. And something about having that additional nest can drive some shoppers to grab an extra item or two as they go. Once the upper portion is full, the empty lower section beckons to be filled with something, too, even if it’s just one more box of something.

Seeing Double at Your Store

If you’re thinking of purchasing new shopping carts for your location, there are many reasons to consider investing in double basket shopping carts, regardless of your store type, layout, or operations. And if your store falls into any of the categories listed here, all the more reason to check out the double basket cart offerings we have to offer at Good L Corp. Good L Corporation delivers innovative shopping cart and basket solutions for retailers on a global scale. Good L Corp can configure the right carryall strategy to boost your retail business from a fleet of new custom carts to launch your store opening to replacement baskets that supplement your existing shop supply. Let’s get started! Contact us today for a no-pressure sales quote.

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