What Separates the Best Shopping Cart Manufacturers from the Rest

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You want to equip your store with the very best tools to make your customers’ shopping experience a great one. They should walk into your establishment and feel welcomed, supported, and guided the whole way through, even beyond the checkout counter. As a business owner or store manager, you can do this through strategic product placement, clear signage, enough access for those with limited mobility to move around, excellent customer service, supports for children and seniors, and more. So when you’re looking for the right receptacles for all the goods your customers wish to purchase—in the form of shopping carts or baskets—you’ll want to make some smart decisions around the supplier you work with. Here’s what sets the best shopping cart manufacturers apart from the rest.

What Sets the Best Shopping Cart Manufacturers Apart From the Rest

Reputation and Track Record

First, the shopping cart manufacturer you work with should have a strong track record of providing excellent supplies and services to a large existing customer base. They should be knowledgeable about various industries—including the one your store falls into—and able to demonstrate their success through proof of performance.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and request testimonials from your shopping cart supplier’s customers. The company you work with should be able to provide this information and give references and examples of successful deals with various types of store owners and managers. 

Additionally, the shopping cart supplier you choose should boast some of the same values you care about. At Good L Corporation, for instance, we’re proud that all of our products are made in the USA and that we have been supplying stores with shopping carts and baskets for three decades.

Materials Used

The next question you should ask is what types of materials the shopping cart manufacturer you choose is using. For instance, maybe plastic carts and baskets are ideal for your store. Does the company offer these, and if so, are they durable enough to withstand wear and tear so you don’t need to repair or replace them frequently? 

Maybe you’re interested in wire carts or baskets for aesthetic or other reasons. What types of materials is your shopping cart supplier using for this wire? At Good L Corp, we use steel wire with a liquid polyester coating over a bright zinc finish for carts that sparkle and shine their way through your aisles. Plus, we manufacture our carts and baskets from recycled materials, so you can feel good about supporting sustainability as you purchase your fleet.

Breadth of Options

Not every type of store will need the same carts or baskets. What may work in a small bodega or specialty boutique may be entirely insufficient for a big box chain or grocery store. The best shopping baskets and carts for your business are ones that will enhance your store’s atmosphere, improve the customer shopping experience, and increase impulse sales in your store. 

So be sure to browse the variety of options that each shopping cart manufacturer you’re considering offers. Good L Corp has a wide array of large and tall shopping baskets, wire and plastic shopping carts, rolling basket carts, specialty carts like tub carts and cargo carts, and even a kids’ cart option for your pint-sized shoppers.


Have you ever thought about your shopping carts or baskets as advertising tools? The truth is, you can build brand awareness and loyalty with every single shopping trip using some strategic placement of brand colors and logos. 

Good L Corp offers a variety of colors to choose from when selecting your carts and baskets, plus side panels that can prominently display your store’s brand name and logo to increase brand awareness. 

Pricing and Shipping

Of course, there are always the financial and logistical pieces of the equation to consider—and these are important factors when choosing which shopping cart manufacturing service to order from. After all, you don’t want to order a fleet of shopping carts and baskets only to wait months for them to arrive. And you don’t want to be gouged on price either—especially if your store needs to stay mindful of your supply budget and overhead.

Look for factors like efficient shipping and fair pricing when choosing your shopping cart manufacturer. Good L Corp offers competitive pricing on our products, and we take pride in our fast shipping, so you don’t have to wait weeks for your fleet to arrive and for your customers to start their shopping experience in your store.

Customer Service

A lot can be determined about the quality of a company by the way they handle unforeseen issues. What happens when a shipment arrives late or damaged? How do they respond when you decide that you’ve made the wrong selection and you want something different? What does your supplier do when shopping cart wheels or shopping basket handles become worn or broken with the wear and tear that comes from so much foot traffic?

Even purchasing the best shopping cart fleet won’t guarantee that you’ll be thrilled with all aspects of the deal you make with the manufacturer. Look for companies that are willing to go above and beyond for their clients. At Good L Corp, we pride ourselves on maintaining the integrity, performance, and value of our products. Our trained and experienced service crew is dedicated to producing high-quality shopping carts and baskets that meet your store’s—and your customers’—needs.

Good L Corp Is a Leader in Shopping Cart Manufacturing

When researching what company manufactures shopping carts, you’ll need to take all of the above factors into consideration. And you may soon find that in the world of cart and basket supply, Good L Corporation is a trusted name. We’ve been operating for 30 years with customers across the United States, all spanning various verticals. Our clients are thrilled with the quality and customizability of our carts, baskets, and basket-cart hybrids.

Plus, we will answer your questions every step of the way. Contact us today for an initial discussion of your store’s needs and to request a no-pressure sales quote!

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