What the Right Colored Cart or Basket Can Do for Your Business

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When you’re looking into purchasing a new fleet of shopping carts or baskets for your store, there’s a lot you’ll need to consider. For one, are shopping carts or baskets best for your establishment? What features are you looking for to enhance your shoppers’ experience? And how can you promote brand awareness and build customer loyalty through elements like shoppingb cart and shopping basket color choices? Let’s discuss what makes a great cart or basket, including its marketing potential.

How to Choose a Shopping Basket

Carts or Baskets: Which Choice Is Right for You?

As you’re researching whether to buy a fleet of shopping baskets or shopping carts, there are a few things you should take into consideration. First, note what kinds of products your store sells. If most of your inventory consists of smaller items like books, accessories, or convenience store items, a shopping basket might be the way to go. On the other hand, bulkier items may require your customers to have access to a shopping cart to comfortably transport their products around your store and to their car.

Also consider the space in your establishment. If your store is small with narrow aisles and lots of displays, an unwieldy shopping cart may wreak havoc. But if you’re running a big box store with wide aisles and plenty of space, a large cart might work just fine. Finally, keep storage in mind. Do you have enough room for a fleet of shopping carts in your entryway? Or is a stack of shopping baskets much more feasible for your space?

Brand Cohesion and Awareness

The next thing you’ll want to take into consideration is how your shopping carts or baskets can enhance your customers’ shopping experience and build brand awareness and loyalty. One of the many benefits of a strategic color choice is its ability to do “free advertising” while your customers shop—or even while your potential customers drive past your store.

Think of certain brands you know that you have an instant color or logo association with. This is likely due to repetition. Humans are wired to recognize patterns. If they see the same colors and logos at the same establishment over and over, they will begin to build that association with the brand. Soon, cobalt blue could be the signature color for your store—just based on the color of your shopping carts or baskets! An exceptional shopping cart manufacturer will be able to provide you with many shopping cart features, including the ability to strategically choose the color, font, and logos you want prominently displayed on your baskets and carts. This decision alone can serve as a big reputation boost for your store.

Additionally, the colors you select for your fleet of shopping carts or baskets can help set the tone of the customers’ shopping experience. If you’re managing a toy store with fun, eye-catching displays, a brightly colored cart could contribute to your customers’ sense of enjoyment while shopping. On the other hand, a grocery store might choose shades of green for their carts or baskets to build an association with freshness. And more muted tones can work well when a store’s ambiance is meant to be one of casual, relaxing strolling—such as in a bookshop or boutique. 

High Visibility

There are a couple of benefits of a brightly colored, highly visible fleet of shopping carts or baskets: their ability to be located by your eager customers and prevention against theft. Let’s talk through the first benefit. Your customers are coming to your store for your products. That means that anything drawing their awareness away from their shopping experience and ability to seamlessly enter and move through your store will be an annoyance. If customers can’t easily find your shopping carts or baskets, this hindrance could impact your profitability.

Think about a retail shopping center with many stores nestled in one strip of commercial space. The color choices of shopping carts and baskets can help keep each store’s fleet organized and returned to the right places. There might be a dark green cart for the grocery store, a bright orange cart for the craft store, and yellow or blue baskets for the convenience store. With different colors and different logos, the chances of carts and baskets making it back to where they belong is much greater.

Additionally, brightly colored shopping carts and baskets can aid in theft prevention. Those who wish to steal your carts or baskets from the premises may find themselves wary if the cart is a particularly conspicuous color. They’re much more likely to get caught when the cart has brand colors and logos on it, rather than a generic wire cart that could belong to any number of establishments. This security feature is a huge bonus for store owners and operators. 

Why Work With Good L Corp for Your Shopping Cart Needs?

As you research the question, what are the features of a shopping cart?, take note of which manufacturers are hitting the mark in each category. You want to look at a variety of options including size and weight, durability and capacity, options of customization and advertising, cost, and customer service. And we’re certain that in every category, Good L Corporation will exceed your expectations. With 30 years of experience serving clients throughout the United States and across various verticals, we are experts in shopping carts and baskets.

The breadth of our options is second to none—we offer a host of wire and plastic carts in all sizes, shapes, and colors. We have stackable shopping baskets that nest easily so you don’t waste needed space in your store. We offer specialty carts, basket-cart hybrids, kid-sized carts, and much more. Our carts and baskets are durable, made from recycled materials, and all manufactured in the United States. We’re happy to discuss the needs your store has and any business goals you’re looking to achieve as you purchase your fleet. Contact us today for an initial discussion. Let’s talk through your store’s needs and wants, then we’ll provide you with a no-pressure sales quote!

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