What Types of Rolling Shopping Baskets Can Handle the Largest Loads?

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We’ve all been there before: your shopping trip isn’t quite big enough to warrant a cart but it’s a bit too big for a basket – that is, unless you want to haul a heavy basket that’s bursting at the seams across the store. If only there were an in-between solution that offered the best of both worlds. Fortunately, shopping baskets with wheels fit the bill. These vessels can be used like standard shopping baskets while also offering wheels and a long handle to roll on the floor like a low-hanging cart. This versatility is undoubtedly convenient in terms of maneuverability and comfort.

However, just because a basket can roll doesn’t mean it can handle large loads like a big basket can. If you’re looking for the perfect basket solution for your hauling needs, you need to find rolling shopping baskets that can handle the largest loads without falling apart. Let’s list the key features to consider in these roller baskets.

Key Features of Rolling Baskets

Significant Capacity

For a roller basket to handle to largest loads, it obviously must offer appropriately large dimensions. Moreover, these dimensions must be compared to those of typical baskets and carts. What is the capacity of a shopping cart? The answer to that question will vary based on its size – the middle-sized plastic cart built by Good L Corp (the PC20) offers the following dimensions: 36.5”L x 21”W x 40”H, 47 lbs, and 11” nest. Our standard basket is as follows: 17″ L x 12″ W x 9″ H (top), 13.8″ L x 8.8″ W (bottom), and 9″ height. We also offer larger and smaller offerings in both categories.

Roller baskets tend to be a bit slimmer than regular handheld baskets but offer more depth (height). The typical Good L Corp roller basket has dimensions of 18”L x 14”W x 18.5”H, which surpasses the capacity of virtually all the regular baskets we offer. These rolling baskets might not carry as much as standard carts, but they can carry loads at least as large as their more traditional basket counterparts can.

Optimal Design

Carrying large loads throughout a store isn’t just a matter of adequate capacity – it’s also a matter of design. It’s great to find a shopping basket big enough to hold your various items, but you might not get very far if you’re constantly crashing into aisles and other shoppers along the way. The best rolling shopping baskets are those designed for maximum maneuverability. At Good L Corp., our roller baskets are made to not be too obtrusively wide when pulled so they can easily fit between even the tightest spaces.

Durable Construction

A roller basket must also be tough enough to handle large loads without breaking down. While it’s never advised to pack a basket too densely (broken eggs, anyone?), you’ll usually want to get as much stuff in there as possible. If a basket is constructed from inferior materials it might begin to warp and lose both its integrity and some of its inherent capacity. At Good L Corp., we manufacture our roller baskets using high-impact polypropylene (HIPP). This thermoplastic polymer offers superior strength and stiffness while also enabling up to 50% less plastomer use. Put simply, our roller baskets are built to stand the test of time, large load after large load – moreover, they’re less expensive and more eco-friendly to produce.

Locking Handles

You won’t be able to handle much if your roller basket lacks, well…a handle – two handles, to be precise. While shopping baskets with handles are nothing new, roller baskets offer both a traditional handle for carrying as well as a telescopic handle for rolling (like the kinds you use for rolling luggage). It’s imperative that the basket’s extendable handle lock into place. Otherwise, you’ll have to intermittently tug the basket to move it towards you rather than smoothly roll it along the floor. This locking mechanism must be durable enough to remain steady even when pulling significant weights. If the handle’s lock is too weak, it can break under enough pressure, thereby defeating the purpose of the roller basket.

Sturdy Wheels and Bearings

Handles aren’t the only important features of a roller basket that must remain sturdy throughout its lifespan. The only way a basket can roll is with proper wheels. These wheels need to be strong and free enough to easily rotate even when the basket they’re attached to is weighing down on them with dozens of pounds of goods. Well-built wheel bearings are integral to this proper roller functioning – without them, wheels are more easily crushed under the pressure and prone to sticking due to friction. Put simply, if you want your roller basket to move with you without too much strain even after loading it up with a huge haul, it must feature sturdy wheels and bearings.

Why Carry the Load When You Can Roll It?

No two shopping trips are exactly alike. Still, no one knows your shopping habits and preferences better than you. If your average haul is significant but still too small for a large cart, a rolling basket might be the perfect-sized and sturdy vessel for your needs. And if you own or manage a store, it’s worth noting that many customers stand to benefit from the provision of well-designed, capacious, durable roller baskets. The happier your customers are, the better off your business will be.

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