Why Extra Large Baskets Are Perfect for Your Boutique

Extra large hand baskets

When you think about a boutique shop, you probably think “small,” “local,” “specialized,” and “high-end.” While all of these words apply to most boutiques, every boutique is unique – and just because these shops tend to be more intimate than their big-box chain counterparts doesn’t mean that they don’t have big things to offer. If you own or operate a boutique store, you want your customers to feel just as comfortable shopping there as they do any other store, regardless of size or products sold. You also want to encourage customers to make significant purchases. And last but not least, you want everyone who enters your store to remember your brand so they return and encourage others to come as well. 

There are many ways to achieve these various goals – as it turns out, the shopping baskets you offer your customers can make a big difference on all of these fronts, and size does indeed matter. Sure, small baskets are charming and certainly have their place, but they’re not always practical for every store’s purposes. Likewise, larger baskets aren’t always suited for specific stores. That said, shying away from large baskets can be a big mistake, even if your boutique has limited space. Sometimes, bigger really is better. Here’s why extra large baskets may be perfect for your boutique shop.

Benefits of Extra Large Baskets

Give Your Customers the Carrying Capacity They Need

It’s no secret that a big basket can carry more items and weight than a smaller one. If you want your customers to make larger purchases, then, it only makes sense to provide them with larger shopping vessels. Moreover, if you primarily sell larger products, your baskets must be large enough to completely envelop them so each customer can get from point A to point B without hassle. Enter extra large baskets, namely Good L Corporation’s Big Baskets, our largest basket offering. These baskets live up to their name, with dimensions of 19.5″ L x 13.3″ W (top), 16.5″ L x 10.5″ W (bottom), 10.3″ (height), and a carrying capacity of up to 200 lbs. Of course, no customer will need to carry 200 lbs. worth of your boutique’s products at once (nor could most people lift that much anyway), so you’ll never have to worry about a basket buckling under the pressure in this way.

Increase Impulse Sales

Impulse purchases can make a big impact on your boutique shop’s bottom line. According to recent studies, these last-minute sales account for 40-80% of all purchases, and approximately 87% of all U.S. shoppers participate in impulse buying. Knowing this, it behooves your business to encourage impulse sales as much as possible. In addition to strategic product placement and smart marketing, your shopping baskets can increase last-minute purchases by virtue of their size and shape. Big baskets increase the likelihood that customers will have at least some room left over before they finally cash out. Not everyone will feel compelled to fill up this extra space, but some customers will take this opportunity to grab a few more items at the tail end of their journey. Placing your extra large baskets at key locations inside your boutique will also encourage customers to grab a basket in the middle of their trip, helping them carry more products.

Get More Out of Your Baskets

Though not the largest investment you’ll ever make, purchasing a new collection of shopping baskets for your boutique is a significant decision that can take a blow to your bottom line in the short term. Of course, the long-term benefits these baskets have to offer should far exceed the initial cost. The longer you can keep these assets around, the larger your return on investment will be – conversely, if your baskets break down before long, you’ll have to dish out even more on repairs and replacements. At Good L Corp., our large baskets and Big Baskets are manufactured with durability in mind, composed of strong, 100% recyclable plastics. With proper care and maintenance, these baskets can remain useful for many years to come, serving as a valuable asset for your boutique shop.

Show Off Your Brand Logo

As a small business owner, you know just how important advertising and marketing are. If most people don’t know about your location, you won’t see a whole lot of foot traffic. And when people do enter your store, it’s crucial to remind them exactly where they are and why they should come again. The way you design and display your shopping baskets can help you with this brand reinforcement campaign. Good L Corp.’s Big Baskets purposefully nest high when stored so your company logo always sticks out in big and bold fashion. So, whether all your baskets are in their nest or customers are carrying them as they shop, no one inside your store will be able to forget your brand name and logo.

Fill Your Boutique with American-Made Shopping Baskets

Though not relevant to size, it’s worth noting that all of Good L Corp.’s shopping baskets and carts are made right here in the U.S. While this detail may or may not be known by your customers, it might matter to you. Not only does it feel good to support homegrown manufacturing companies – buying American can also save you time and money. Quality is always guaranteed at Good L Corp., and we’re happy to help our clients find the right cart and basket solutions for their budget and needs.

Good L Corporation delivers innovative shopping cart and basket solutions for retailers on a global scale. Good L Corp. can configure the right carryall strategy to boost your retail business, from a fleet of new custom carts to launch your store opening to replacement baskets that supplement your existing shop supply. Let’s get started! Contact us today for a no-pressure sales quote!

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