How Many Tub Carts Should I Get for My Warehouse?

Double tub shopping cart

Warehouses rely on various types of machinery and tools to successfully operate and safely store their stock. Without this equipment, warehouse workers would struggle to efficiently stock and retrieve items, and storefronts would lack what they need to keep customers satisfied. Carts are simple but incredibly useful pieces of equipment in warehouses, allowing employees to collect certain objects and transport them from point A to point B without the need for heavy electronic machinery. More specifically, tub carts provide warehouse workers with plenty of flexibility to store and move around products. But what are tub carts and how many of these carts should be readily available inside of a warehouse? Let’s discuss.

What to Know About Tub Carts

What are Tub Carts?

As the name implies, tub carts are carts designed to carry large tubs and other types of cargo for maximum convenience and maneuverability. These carts are two-tiered, with a tote on both the bottom and top. Unlike other double shopping carts that feature two built-in baskets, tub carts contain two shallow totes in which tubs and boxes can be placed. The sturdy steel construction of these carts allows them to carry heavy loads without sacrificing mobility, making them handy appliances for stockrooms of all kinds. And because tub carts have a skeletal design, they don’t take up too much space and can be easily stored when not in use.

So, how many of these advantageous apparatuses should you invest in for your warehouse? The precise answer will vary from one location to the next, of course. Landing on the proper quantity of tub carts for your warehouse depends on several key factors, such as your specific stocking needs, whether or not your warehouse is connected to a storefront, and more.

What are Your Stocking Needs?

First, consider your warehouse’s unique operations. Are you running a small warehouse with minimal verticality or a large one with high ceilings and numerous stacked shelves? Does your warehouse stock a wide variety of items in terms of size and shape or a more uniform supply of goods? The answers to these questions will help inform how many tub carts you decide to get for your warehouse. For instance, smaller warehouses may require fewer tub carts to save space — plus, a large stock of tub carts might not be necessary to carry a smaller supply of goods back and forth. Likewise, if your warehouse mostly contains smaller goods, you’ll need fewer tubs and carts to hold them. If the situation is reversed in any of these cases, it might be better to increase your quantity of tub carts.

Is Your Warehouse Attached to a Storefront?

Tub carts are useful in all types of warehouses, but they’re especially handy in locations that are also customer-facing. Why? For starters, tub carts are similar to other kinds of shopping carts in size and shape, meaning they can easily navigate narrow aisles. So if your employees are tasked with restocking shelves at given intervals, tub carts offer a seamless way to do so, whereas larger vessels can interfere with shoppers, block aisles, and otherwise cause undue burden on everyone inside. Moreover, your tub carts can also be used as shopping carts; this might happen rarely, but customers who are purchasing a small quantity of larger items will sometimes fare better with a tub cart as opposed to a typical larger cart or double basket shopping cart. It’s a good idea to have an extra supply of tub carts in case some of your customers prefer these vessels over your other offerings.

Ultimately, if your warehouse is also part storefront, it’s a good idea to invest in additional tub carts.

Tub Carts are Just One of Many Cart Options

Of course, tub carts aren’t the only carts to consider introducing to your warehouse and/or storefront. A cargo cart, for example, is similar to a tub cart in both design and purpose. Cargo carts also contain two tiers. Unlike tub carts, however, the upper level contains a shallow basket like a more typical double shopping cart, while the bottom level features a long, flat platform to place larger, heavier objects. Better yet, these carts can fold in on themselves, allowing the top basket to retract back 90 degrees and fall, forming a wall that allows for increased storage on the bottom of the cart. And with a weight capacity of 440 lbs, a folding cargo cart is another durable and handy tool for warehouses.

Simply put, you might cut back on your supply of tub carts if cargo carts work better for your warehouse. Ideally, you’ll strike the right balance for your location with a variety of vessels that suit your specific needs.

The Verdict

Tub carts are far from the only pieces of equipment you’ll need for your warehouse, but they’re undoubtedly some of the most useful, especially if your warehouse is attached to a storefront. It’s not easy to come up with the exact number of tub carts suited for your warehouse. Perhaps a better question is this: “are tub carts right for this warehouse, period?” In most cases, the answer will be a resounding “yes.” From there, you must take your budget, square footage, stocking needs, and more into account. If you’re struggling to make these calculations, Good L Corp. can help.

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