Is a Plastic Rolling Shopping Basket on Wheels Safe for My Store and Customers?

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Whether you’re equipping your brand new store, opening a second location, or simply upgrading all your equipment and supplies this year, you may be looking into a handful of solutions for your shoppers. And take it from us, there are plenty of options out there – from shopping baskets to plastic shopping carts to specialty solutions like wire cargo carts. But have you considered a hybrid version like the plastic rolling shopping basket? Here’s why this solution might be just what you need – plus, what you can expect in terms of safety for your customers and liability for your store.

What Makes a Plastic Rolling Shopping Basket a Good Choice?

What should cause you to consider shopping baskets on wheels over shopping carts on wheels? There are a few benefits that basket cart solutions provide that may make all the difference in smooth store operations and general customer satisfaction.

For one, rolling shopping baskets offer a great solution for business owners with unique retail needs. If you run a clothing shop, for instance, you may not need full-sized shopping carts that could take up valuable space and may only be filled with a couple of items. The same goes for small, urban grocery stores or any establishment that’s tight on space. Customers will require the ability to move around freely through closely-placed shelving units and down narrow aisles. These rolling basket carts are the perfect solution; at 18”L x 14”W x 18.5”H, they are not obtrusively wide when pulled, which will minimize the risk of your walls, doors, and displays being bumped or dented.

Plastic rolling shopping baskets are also stackable, making storage a breeze. No need to have multiple shopping cart corrals inside and outside your store – stackable basket carts can be easily consolidated and placed next to your entrance, utilizing vertical space wisely. And with urethane wheels secured by bearings and a basket material of high-impact polypropylene, these rolling shopping baskets are durable enough to withstand years of customer use.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there’s the ease of use consideration for your customer base. If you have older shoppers, shoppers with kids, or shoppers with disabilities, a basket cart can be a lighter-weight, easier-to-maneuver option than a bulky shopping cart. With telescopic metal handles that “lock” into place, customers will find that they can easily come in and grab a rolling basket cart for their shopping journey, adjusting the handle to a height that suits them. And for customers who prefer to use a traditional old shopping basket instead of the rolling cart style? The plastic rolling shopping basket comes with a second handle for hand-carrying, making it a versatile option for your array of customers.

Are Stores Liable for Shopping Cart Damage?

One major consideration that business owners and operators have is that of liability. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), thousands of children a year in the United States alone are treated in emergency rooms due to falls from shopping carts. And children falling from carts are just one liability consideration. For instance, where does the customer’s responsibility begin and end if there is an issue with a shopping cart damaging a product, denting a vehicle, or injuring another person? What is the store’s role in all of this, if any of these issues take place on company property?

Things aren’t always clear-cut when it comes to shopping cart safety regulations. Many times, specific circumstances are assessed on a case-by-case basis if there is legal action taken by a dissatisfied customer. For example, courts will examine whether there was employee negligence in the case of customer property (like automobiles) being damaged, or whether or not the damage was foreseeable. They may also consider the extent of the damage. A scratch on a bumper, a broken glass window pane, or a child’s or senior citizen’s visit to the hospital will likely all spell different consequences for a business owner.

Property owners are often the ones ultimately responsible to protect their customers from injuries or accidents that occur on their property, but many times a court of law will determine that a property owner’s reasonable steps to ensure safety is enough to keep them covered. 

However, one can never be too careful. After all, the last thing you want for your store is an accident where some piece of property – or, in a worst-case scenario, a person – gets hurt. Selecting plastic rolling shopping baskets for your shop is an excellent way to mitigate these risks. After all, while you can’t prevent customer negligence (think kids jumping into the baskets), you can prevent falls if your basket carts don’t have a child seat in them. And with their lightweight plastic, they’re less likely to cause denting or major scratches if they wind up hitting a car, wall, or another piece of property.  

Choose a Cart and Basket Supplier with Proven Success

It’s wise to consider your options carefully as you’re thinking through shopping baskets and carts. Selecting the right supplier for these goods is just as important. You’ll want to look for a company with decades of experience and a strong portfolio proving top customer service and satisfaction.

Good L Corporation, founded in 1989, knows a thing or two about shopping carts and baskets, and we’ve been providing our customers across the United States with a wide variety of options. We select premium materials that will withstand the wear and tear you can expect from your shopping carts and baskets. Our American-made products utilize premium plastics or durable wireframes, and our high-quality craftsmanship means that they’ll hold up longer than your average cart or basket.

Plus, we offer products in an array of colors, shapes, and sizes, with the ability to customize them to suit your store’s needs and marketing objectives. Best of all, we’re here to talk through your needs and offer you a no-pressure sales quote to see if we’re the right fit for you. Contact us today to get the ball – and the basket – rolling!

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