The Best Wire Shopping Cart for Toy Stores

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Running a toy store brings with it a wide array of unique considerations. You need to figure out the optimal product placement, determine which operating hours best meet the needs of your specific customer base, monitor your best-selling products (and stock your store accordingly), and find out which types of shopping carts are best for your shoppers. Here’s how to determine what will make for the best wire shopping cart to have in your toy-selling establishment. 

Why Choose Wire Shopping Carts for Your Toy Store?

There are a variety of shopping carts and baskets on the market that you can choose from when outfitting your store for your specific shoppers. In the case of a toy store, safety and durability are among the most important traits of an optimal shopping cart. After all, you don’t want your carts to put you at a liability risk.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), thousands of children in the United States are admitted into emergency rooms due to falls from shopping carts – with some cases resulting in a fatality. That said, shopping carts are still the most convenient option for frazzled parents who need to push their kids and their products around the store, then transport purchased items safely to their cars.

Why choose a shopping cart over a tall wire basket? Easy: carts give your customers the option to shop more comfortably and conveniently – plus, they allow for a child-sized seat. Parents can transport their kids in shopping carts from the time they’re about 6 to 7 months old, taking the burden off of them to haul both a basket and a baby. Even large wire baskets present problems when you consider the fact that your shoppers will have to carry their wares and their children around your store. Now, let’s look into exactly what makes for a great toy shopping cart.

Consider Durability for the Utmost Longevity

If there’s one thing you’ll need to take into account when selecting a wire shopping cart, it’s the wear and tear your carts are likely to see over the course of several years. From big, bulky toys to rowdy kids to customers maneuvering around displays and through aisles, your carts are likely to see some stress.

Mitigate scratches and dents with a wire shopping cart. A rust-resistant, baked enamel finish and heavy-duty wheel bearings made of polyurethane tread optimize mobility without scuffing and damaging floors. We recommend keeping your shopping carts in your store rather than outside, if possible, to minimize the risk of damage from the elements.

Select the Right Size for Your Customers’ Needs

Your customers need to be able to fit their products and potentially their kids in your shopping carts. Therefore, choose a size option that allows for both. It goes without saying that when you select a larger shopping cart – say a 41.2” L x 22.8” W x 39.6” H model with 180 L basket capacity – you increase shoppers’ ability to fit everything they need (and more) in their carts. Nothing is worse than losing an add-on sale due to a full cart.

If you have a smaller store that won’t necessarily allow for wider carts, don’t worry. There are other shopping cart size options to meet your needs – like a 35.8” L x 20.7” W x 38.0” H with a 100 L basket capacity. A small store doesn’t necessarily mean you need to choose shopping baskets over carts, and your customers will thank you when you provide the right receptacle for their shopping needs.

Consider Your Advertising Options

One great feature of wire shopping carts is that they allow you to customize and advertise your brand for an elevated shopping experience. While wire shopping carts are sleek and professional on their own, you can make your carts unique to your store with some easy advertising.

Good L Corporation’s wire carts include three logo panels so your logo, colors, and store name are prominently featured on each cart. This subtle, seamless method of advertising has the potential to increase total sales opportunities with every customer engagement.

Include a Kid-Sized Cart Option to Increase Customer Satisfaction

One final tip we have for you: make shopping trips to your store a rich experience for the whole family! While children are doubtless enamored from the second they step foot into your store, you can increase the fun factor with a small wire shopping cart made just for kids. And happy kids generally mean happy parents – so watch customer satisfaction soar as you offer kid-sized carts.

Good L Corporation’s premium quality Children’s Cart is a miniature rendition of our standardized shopping carts, allowing your smallest customers to pretend that they are shopping too! These carts have dimensions of 23″ L x 14.5″ W x 25 H and only weigh 11 pounds, meaning that your tiny shoppers can maneuver them easily around your store.

Pick a Shopping Cart Supplier that Meets Your Needs

As you’re shopping for the optimal wire shopping cart for your toy store, consider who you’re buying from. You’ll want to look at cost, durability, and reliability from your supplier. 

When you buy from Good L Corporation, you can rest assured that we’ll provide you with a premium shopping cart model that meets your exact needs. Each of our products is developed to promote customer satisfaction and encourage impulse buys for the ultimate retail win/win. Plus, with almost 30 years of industry experience, Good L Corp knows exactly what your store needs to satisfy all of your customer demands and increase your sales figures.

Our products are American-made with the finest craftsmanship, using premium plastics or durable wire frames for longevity. You won’t have to replace your toy store’s wire shopping carts every year when you buy from  Good L Corp. All of our products are tested and approved – and we’ll tell you all about our happy customers who have made their customers happy with the right shopping cart for their purchasing needs. Contact our team today for a no-pressure sales quote!

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