Shopping Carts for Seniors: Which Features Matter Most?

Senior woman grocery shopping.

In the world of shopping carts and baskets, there’s a host of options to choose from. And if you’re not careful in the selection process, you may wind up making your choice based on price alone, only to find out that your carts don’t meet your target customers’ needs. For businesses whose priority is to provide shopping carts for seniors, there are several considerations to take into account. Read on to learn more about what you should be looking for.

Shopping Carts for Seniors: Features to Look for

Feature #1: Weight

One of the biggest issues that seniors face is not being able to lift or push as much weight as they may have earlier in life. And if your store’s products are already on the heavier side – think furniture, electronics, or even dense food products – then a heavy shopping cart is going to cause even more problems for your seniors.

When it comes to senior shopping carts, look for lighter-weight options. Believe it or not, durable plastic and zinc-coated wire often weigh about the same when it comes to shopping carts. So whether you choose plastic or wire shopping carts is up to you, but take note of the weight specifications. If a cart is pushing 50 or more pounds, your valued senior customer may not be able to push it around the store. Look for shopping cart options that weigh 30 pounds or less for your seniors, while still featuring an ample amount of capacity to hold the types of products your store is selling.

Feature #2: Size

Mobility is often limited among the senior population, so if your elderly customers are struggling simply to push your carts around your store, you can bet that your sales will suffer. That’s why we recommend a smaller, more compact cart for senior shopping needs. Smaller carts also appeal to many other demographics of customers – including younger adults who just want to pop into your store and grab a few items, without pushing around a bulky or unwieldy shopping cart.

A basket cart might be just the option you’re looking for. This hybrid model can serve to hold enough products for a smaller shopping trip while remaining lightweight enough to maneuver around your store. Some basket carts are multi-level, with baskets on the top and the bottom of the frame. These days, there are also folding shopping carts for seniors. Some are made of softer materials like canvas or netting, while others are made of plastic or wire – but their primary feature is the ability to collapse in for easy storage. Search for the best folding shopping carts for seniors to see what kinds of materials and options exist on the market that could suit your needs.

Feature #3: Accessibility

While having ADA-compliant doors, ramps, curbs, parking spaces, and aisles may already be taken care of on your property, have you considered how your store’s carts factor into the accessibility needs of your elderly customers? A shopping cart for elderly customers could feature a manual or electric wheelchair attached to it – this allows your senior shoppers with mobility limitations to sit comfortably as they browse your shelves.

Another accessibility-friendly option is the walker shopping cart for elderly customers. If your customers need a walker to steady themselves as they traverse your aisles, a shopping cart with a built-in walker could be exactly what they need. Think about the uptick of senior traffic your store might see if you provide the kinds of shopping carts that the seniors in your community need to accomplish their trip to your location! After all, comfort is king, and if you can make your elderly or mobility-limited shoppers more comfortable, you’re likely to build brand loyalty.

Feature #4: Swivel Wheels

As anyone who has ever pushed a shopping cart with old, squeaky, or sticky wheels around knows, there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to maneuver the cart in the direction you need. For senior shoppers, this can be even more frustrating as they may not have the ability to pick up the cart or reposition it so that the wheels move properly. 

You’ll want to equip your store with shopping carts that feature swivel wheels. Ideally, look for carts that feature polyurethane wheels with heavy duty wheel bearings. This can provide optimal maneuverability for all of your customers, the elderly included. And you won’t need to make constant repairs on your cart wheels or fix those squeaks.

Why Choose Good L Corp for Your Senior Shopping Carts?

When you’re searching among shopping cart vendors for the best shopping cart for elderly customers, you’ll want to choose a company you can trust. Good L Corporation has been in the shopping cart industry for decades,  distributing industry-leading shopping carts and baskets to merchants across the United States. 

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Our carts and baskets are durable and made to last for the long haul, so you won’t need to worry about constant squeaking, rusting, repairs, or replacements. And you won’t waste any cart storage space, as we can work with you to provide compact, foldable, or basket carts that can easily be stored in your building. Whether you’re managing a grocery store, a big box chain, a small boutique, or a department store, we’ve got you covered on shopping baskets for seniors and all demographics of customers. 

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