What Are The Best Shopping Baskets for Retail Stores?

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Whether you’re overseeing a department store, specialty store, convenience store, or big box store, you’ll want to ensure that your customers have access to the appropriate retail shopping baskets for their wares. Make the wrong choice, and it could cost you in customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and profitability. Let’s talk through what qualities to look for in shopping baskets for retail stores, and how you can make a smart choice that meets your needs and your customers’ needs – plus maximizes your business success to boot!

Top Qualities to Look for in Shopping Baskets for Retail Stores


The best shopping baskets for your customers will be the ones that allow them to shop comfortably and with minimal hassle. After all, if your shoppers can’t fit your store’s products into the baskets you offer, you’ll likely find a lot of disgruntled folks hauling (and dropping!) wares all over your store. You also don’t want your customers to feel like they’re undergoing a workout just to complete a shopping trip at your establishment.

So first, take note of what kinds of products line the shelves of your retail establishment. If you’re running a clothing boutique that offers soft, malleable fabrics and small accessories, your shopping baskets will require much less capacity than a store that sells bulky electronics. Try out different retail shopping baskets and take them on a “test run” to see if they can comfortably hold the products you sell, without causing pain or strain on a customer’s arm. And you certainly won’t want customers returning products to shelves because they don’t have enough room to carry them – a sorely missed and easily avoidable opportunity for additional profit!

Standard retail shopping baskets typically measure around 9” high, with measurements at the bottom running around 13.8″ L x 8.8″ W, while larger baskets might be 10” or more, with bottoms measuring around 16.5″ L x 10.5″ W. If you’re managing a small jewelry or accessory shop, you might even consider opting for a mini basket, with a height of around 5″ and bottom measurements of 10.3″L x 5.9″W.


Are your craft store aisles wide, with the ability to fit multiple shopping carts at once with ease? Or are your bookshop’s aisles narrower, requiring some dexterity to move around in? Keep aisle width in mind as you select baskets, especially if you’re considering rolling basket carts or regular shopping carts. Make sure your customers aren’t cramped in aisles, or you may find yourself with more cleaning up than you’d like.

A rolling basket is more of a hybrid model between a regular retail shopping basket and a shopping cart. This type of option provides optimal accessibility and convenience for your customers, particularly when it comes to hauling larger or heavier products around your store and into the parking lot. They are taller than a typical shopping basket but narrower than a shopping cart, which makes them perfect for browsing your shelves with ease and transporting goods comfortably and safely.


When looking for where to buy shopping baskets, you’ll want to choose a supplier that offers high-quality products made of durable materials. After all, you don’t want to purchase a fleet of shopping baskets, only to have to replace them in the next year or two. While breakage can always happen due to the strain put on retail shopping baskets from constant use, you can avoid regular occurrences of repair or replacement by opting for high-quality shopping baskets from the start.

Good L Corporation’s retail shopping baskets are manufactured in the United States using top-of-the-line materials for cantilevered corners and reinforced latticework. Our copolymer plastic shopping basket models feature contoured handles for added carrier comfort, and nest conveniently within each other for easy storage. With impressive storage capacity and unparalleled durability, it will be some time before you need to think about replacing or repairing these products. And you can feel good about buying our shopping baskets for your store since they’re composed of 100% recycled plastic.


One of the best features of buying retail shopping baskets wholesale is the ability to build brand awareness across several uniform vessels. While Good L Corporation offers a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and capacities in our retail shopping baskets, each one features a customizable side panel with the option to proudly display your store name and logo. You can also choose from a host of different color options, so our high-grade recyclable plastic baskets fit with your store’s color scheme and theme.

Our proprietary design slightly elevates each basket when nested, so your brand logo remains prominently displayed at all times – even when stacked at the entrance to your store.

Find Out How Good L Corp Can Meet Your Customer Satisfaction and Business Needs

When browsing online for the best shopping cart and shopping basket suppliers, don’t settle for a company you’ll be disappointed with later. Good L Corporation’s shopping basket options meet various needs for your ultimate shopper satisfaction. Whether it be capacity, durability, or advertising options, we offer unparalleled options in terms of model and material.

Not sure what kind of retail shopping basket or shopping cart you need for your establishment? Don’t worry. Our team of friendly, knowledgeable representatives will talk through your needs and help you decide exactly what to choose from a multitude of options. 

Good L Corporation is a family-owned, locally operated Tennessee company that designs, manufactures, and distributes industry-leading shopping carts and baskets to merchants across the United States spanning many different industries, from boutique stores to department stores to grocery stores.

From our unmatched customer service to our premium-made products, you can rest assured that we’ll help you understand exactly what is right for your clientele and find the perfect product – one that won’t need to be replaced next year. If you’re ready to get started on selecting, customizing, and ordering your fleet of shopping carts or retail shopping baskets – which will ship from our warehouses within 48 hours – contact our team today for a no-pressure sales quote!

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