Retail Stores: 5 Times a Tall Basket Comes in Handy

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In the age of digital shopping, brick and mortar retail stores can only stay afloat by keeping sales numbers high. To do this, those in charge must keep customers satisfied while incentivizing them to make larger purchases. While there are many ways to achieve these goals, something as simple as a shopping basket can make all the difference. To be more precise, providing shoppers with the right kinds of baskets is a winning proposition for both them and your business; your customers benefit by having access to the optimal vessels for their shopping trip, and you benefit by increasing your sales.

But what constitutes the ideal shopping basket, exactly? Well, the answer depends on your store’s needs, products, and audience. Standard baskets work well in most stores, but they don’t always offer the right dimensions or features for certain types of purchases. Mini baskets make sense for smaller retailers who sell smaller items, and larger baskets fit right in for stores selling bulky stuff. But if these variations don’t quite do it for your store either, you might think about providing tall shopping baskets instead.

Tall narrow basket, as their name implies, are taller than standard shopping baskets and not as wide as larger ones. If you’re wondering why this is significant, or why your store might benefit from these kinds of baskets, let’s discuss five times a tall basket comes in handy for shoppers and retailers alike.

When You Need a Tall Shopping Basket

1. Extra Carrying Capacity Without the Cart or Clumsiness

Everyone shops differently. Some people only enter to purchase one or two things while others stock up while they’re there. And if your store has a strategic layout and effective merchandising, plenty of your customers will end up picking up more items than they initially intended. In any event, giving your customers some extra room is a good idea, even if they don’t use all of it. While large baskets and shopping carts also offer increased capacity, the former can be burdensome to carry due to their width, and the latter may be unnecessary. Large tall baskets, on the other hand, are big enough to hold a decent haul but slim enough to keep the experience comfortable.

2. When Shopping for Larger Items

Tall baskets also come in handy if your store sells larger, longer items, such as lamps, electronics, medium-sized kitchen appliances (blenders, coffee-makers, etc.), long mirrors, etc. The added depth of a tall narrow basket ensures that these products remain safely in place as customers continue shopping.

3. For Adding on Those Impulse Purchases

As mentioned earlier, the best retail stores nudge customers to pick up some last-minute items before cashing out. Indeed, for some retailers, these impulse purchases are necessary for their continued success or very survival. Of course, if customers don’t have additional space in their basket, they’ll be less inclined to tack on those final things. Because they’re deeper than normal baskets, tall narrow basket tend to provide some additional headroom even after a basket is relatively full. So, customers can feel more confident in throwing a few extra items on top as they shop.

4. When Things Get too Heavy, Roll

Tall narrow basket are plenty beneficial on their own, but some of these baskets have additional features that sweeten the deal in some instances. In particular, rolling shopping baskets are even taller than typical tall narrow basket and boast wheels as well as retractable handles. These add-ons transform these tall narrow baskets into basket-cart hybrids, which come in handy when a customer goes overboard and can no longer comfortably carry the weight. Having the option to switch between a basket and a cart empowers customers to shop at their own pace and decide on the spot whether they want to keep their purchase smaller or keep adding things on. And the more choices your shoppers have, the more satisfied they’ll be.

5. More Space to Display a Logo

Shopping baskets aren’t just vessels that allow customers to gather items for purchase — they’re also prime real estate to show off and reinforce your brand. This might not seem all that important at first. After all, if someone is shopping at your store, there’s a good chance they’re already aware of your brand. However, the more prevalent and prominent your brand is, the stronger an impression you make on all your customers, whether they’re already loyal to you or not. In other words, proudly displaying your logo on your baskets is a way of reminding your audience of your presence unifying your store around a certain atmosphere. While you can print your logo on any of your baskets, tall narrow basket give you extra room so you can make an even bolder statement.

Are Tall Baskets Right for All Retail Stores?

There’s no doubt that tall shopping baskets can be convenient, comfortable, and conducive to boosting a business’s bottom line. That said, these kinds of vessels might not be optimal for certain stores. Once again, one store’s ideal basket selection may differ from another’s. Keep in mind what your store has to offer and which types of baskets and carts will best satisfy your customers’ needs and encourage the most sales.

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