Large Baskets: Do They Encourage People to Buy More?

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Retail marketing experts are armed with a number of clever strategies to drive sales. These methods range from subtle to somewhat obvious, but they’re effective nonetheless. For instance, a store might regularly change the location of products to keep shoppers inside and entice them with new items. Or, they might regularly advertise limited-time sales to pressure customers into an impulse buy. Whatever the case may be, retailers and grocers rely on the success of these strategies to turn a profit in the long run.

But before you can devise a strategy to boost your sales, you need to ensure that your customers can simply make it from point A to point B. Without the aid of shopping baskets and carts, anyone trying to pick up more than a few items will have a hard time carrying their haul all the way to the checkout line. So, having a handy vessel ensures that shoppers get all the things they need with minimal hassle. As it turns out, though, your carts and baskets can do more for your business than simply keeping your customers happy.

Larger shopping baskets may actually encourage people to make a larger purchase. But why is this, exactly? And, if large baskets do indeed lead to higher sales numbers, why not super-size all of your shopping vessels? Let’s break it down.

How Larger Carts Make People Buy More

More Space, More Purchase Potential

Large baskets are deemed as such because they have a higher carrying capacity than normal-sized baskets. Of course, just because a basket can hold more items doesn’t necessarily mean a customer will aim to fill it to the max. On the other hand, though, if a basket isn’t big enough, it might discourage a shopper from grabbing that extra item or two they weren’t initially planning on purchasing anyway. In other words, big baskets offer some leeway for shoppers who aren’t super strict about following their list. From this point of view, large shopping baskets at the very least tacitly entice customers to buy more. If something else can fit, why not grab it while you’re already there?

Scaling to the Size of Items You Sell

Bigger isn’t always better, though. It’s more important to choose the right size baskets for what you sell to meet all of your customers’ needs and streamline the shopping journey. Indeed, even small shopping baskets can boost your sales if they make sense for the types of things you sell. For example, if your store primarily sells small, light items, large baskets can be unnecessary at best and cumbersome at worst. Big baskets might take up too much space, and tiny items may fall through the holes of these bigger baskets, too. For these reasons, customers might turn away from these baskets entirely and just shop with their hands. But if you provide smaller baskets tailored to your inventory, you can encourage your customers to buy even more.

Placement Plays a Role in Increasing Purchases

Size isn’t the only factor that matters when it comes to increasing your sales. Placement matters, too. While your baskets and carts should be easily accessible at your store’s entrance, you should also place baskets at different points throughout your store so customers can grab one if need be. And if your store offers baskets of varying sizes, you’ll want to locate them strategically. This means placing smaller baskets near smaller items and larger baskets near larger items. In doing so, customers that have a change of heart and decide to pick up more than they had planned don’t have to go far to grab a vessel that’s suited for their purchase.

Comfort Considerations

You want your customers to be as comfortable as possible as they shop in your store so they take their time and leave happy. Large baskets contribute to this goal by providing ample room for items. But while larger baskets can carry more, they also take up more space externally. If a basket is too big or poorly designed, it can become uncomfortable and get in the way of not only the person holding it, but also those nearby. So, when choosing baskets for your store, you must strike a balance between size and comfort. You should also make sure the baskets you purchase are comfortable to hold when empty, partially full, and maxed out.

Too Much Weight? Offer Specialty Baskets and Carts

Because extra large baskets can carry so much stuff, they can become too heavy for the average shopper to carry comfortably. When this happens, you may end up losing sales. The customer may put some items away to lighten the load or grow frustrated and cut their shopping trip short. One way to avoid this negative outcome is to provide additional kinds of baskets and carts for your shoppers. Large baskets can take a customer far, but large shopping carts can take them farther, encouraging an even bigger purchase and ensuring a comfortable and safe journey from start to finish.

In addition to offering carts, you might supply a number of specialty baskets to suit your customers’ needs. For instance, tall baskets go deeper than normal baskets, making them perfect for carrying longer and taller items. Roller baskets or basket carts are hybrids between baskets and carts, allowing customers to carry them like a basket early on and then roll them like a cart if they get too heavy. The more options your shoppers have, the better.

The Verdict

So, do large baskets encourage people to buy more? In short, yes, but only when deployed strategically. Other types of baskets and carts can boost your sales as well. Offering convenience, comfort, and variety is key to your store’s continued success.

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