Why Basket Visibility Is So Important

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In previous entries, we’ve gone over the importance of providing your customers with quality shopping baskets. However, simply stocking up on these vessels won’t do your business much good if your shoppers can’t easily access them. In other words, you must not only have enough baskets on hand to satisfy all of your customers and their varied shopping habits — you must also take the time and effort to place these baskets in optimal parts of your store and ensure that every customer can clearly see them. Let’s dive deeper into why basket visibility is so important for your customers, your brand, and your bottom line.

Why You Should Prioritize Easily Visible Carts

Keep it Easy for Your Customers to Shop

Are you familiar with the phrase, “Out of sight, out of mind?” If your customers can’t track down your store’s baskets, they simply won’t use them and will either grab a cart or merely rely on whatever they can carry in their hands or personal bag. These alternatives aren’t always ideal. While shopping carts (if you offer them) are in some ways even more convenient and capacious than baskets, they’re also larger and more cumbersome — a cart isn’t typically necessary for a smaller purchase. And as for lugging around items without any vessel at all, this forces customers to restrict their purchase to whatever they can comfortably carry without dropping. Reusable/personal shopping bags have become more commonplace in recent years, but leaving customers to throw their objects in their bags before buying them can lead to a higher risk of intentional and accidental theft.

The bottom line: making your baskets highly visible at various points in your store makes it easier for customers to do their shopping and reduces the risk of losing sales (whether by necessity or by theft).

Organize and Optimize Your Store

Basket visibility isn’t just important for improving the customer experience, however. Keeping your baskets insight also aids in organizing your store and optimizing its processes. Basket stacks are useful indicators of shopping habits — if certain stacks remain full or nearly full throughout the day, this indicates that they’re not in the best location since customers are clearly not making use of them where they currently are. Conversely, basket stacks that constantly require re-loading are performing well and ostensibly visible by the majority of your customers. And because these stacks are visible to you and your employees, you can keep them loaded throughout the day as needed. Over time, you can determine which areas of your store are best suited for your various basket stacks (whether they’re small, standard, or large baskets) so they receive the most use in a given context.

Bolster Your Brand

As we’ve discussed before, your store’s custom shopping baskets and carts present the perfect opportunity to promote your brand. Ideally, your baskets should strongly reflect your business by donning its exact color scheme and logo. Moreover, this color/logo should be just as visible as your baskets themselves (in terms of location). In other words, you want to place your logo on each basket in such a way that it remains mostly or entirely visible even when stacked and nested in other baskets. At Good L Corp., we design our plastic shopping baskets and stacks in such a way to offer this increased visibility. In doing so, you can keep your business top of mind and unify the customer experience.

Increase Impulse Sales

Earlier, we discussed how a lack of basket visibility could dampen sales by making the shopping experience more cumbersome and challenging. On the flip side, then, high basket visibility has the potential to boost your business’ sales. This equation is straightforward: when people have increased access to baskets around your store, they’re more likely on average to grab one at some point along their journey — and once they have a basket in hand, they’re encouraged and able to pick up additional items that they may not have even planned on purchasing before grabbing said basket. Simply put, basket visibility increases impulse sales. These seemingly small additions can make a major difference on your bottom line, too. If the average customer increases their purchase by a few dollars (thanks to basket visibility and availability), those few dollars quickly add up.

Show Off Your Shopping Baskets

Simply investing in unique shopping baskets for your location is only one piece of the puzzle. Your baskets (and their design/logo) must also be detectable where it counts if you wish to keep your customers satisfied and maximize your potential sales. We at Good L Corp. know just how vital basket visibility is to your bottom line, which is why our specialized carriers nest together in 4-foot high stacks for eye-catching clarity. Want to learn more about the quality baskets and carts we create for our clients?

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