Best Rebrand Ideas for My Shopping Carts and Baskets

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A brand change is a big deal. In order to properly pull off such a transition, you must cover all of your bases, like marketing materials, store layout, product/service offerings, aesthetics, and, in some cases, the very structure of your business. Neglecting even seemingly minor aspects of your business during this shift can send conflicting messages to your customers, as parts of your business might remain in the past while others are forging ahead. Take your shopping carts and baskets, for instance. As we’ve discussed several times before, these shopping vessels are key conduits to your brand, potentially sporting your business’ colors and logo while serving an important function (i.e. allowing customers to make larger purchases with less hassle). If you’re changing up your brand, then make sure your baskets and carts come along for the ride.

The Best Rebranding Ideas for Shopping Carts

Out with the Old, in with the New

Sometimes, the best thing a business can do with its old shopping carts and baskets during rebranding is replace them with a fresh stock. After all, your previous fleet might no longer look the part when placed against your new aesthetic, donning the old logo, font, and/or color scheme. Investing in new vessels is also a good way to hit the reset button on your business and enter a new era with your rebranding and reputation — logo and colors aside, your old carts and baskets might look outdated and beaten up from years of wear and tear. Brand new baskets and carts are appealing and sturdy, and they let customers know that your business takes pride in itself. Of course, purchasing new shopping carts and baskets can be a significant expense. As such, it’s important to find a manufacturer that makes high-quality products that meet your branding specifications while offering a fair price.

Custom Colors

Simply refreshing your supply of shopping carts and baskets is a great way to reinvigorate your brand, but if you really wish to drive your rebranding efforts home, you must mind the details, too. Perhaps the most important detail in this regard is color. Ideally, you want the color of your carts and baskets to precisely match the color of your logo to reinforce your brand in the minds of each and every customer. If your store’s new look features a specific shade of yellow, for example, purchase custom shopping baskets and carts with the identical shade. This way, when customers approach or enter your store, the shopping experience is more cohesive and memorable — it might seem like an arbitrary matter, but it makes a big difference in terms of brand recognition and loyalty.

Enlarge Your Logo

A change in color (if applicable) is only one piece of the rebranding puzzle (though it is a significant one) — a logo alteration is another huge chunk worth keeping in mind when investing in new shopping baskets and carts. Indeed, while the color of your shopping vessels will be the first thing most customers see when approaching them, your company logo should be the next. Sure, nearly every customer will already be familiar with your business’ name upon entering your store, but proudly stamping your logo on your carts and baskets once again reinforces your brand. This reinforcement is especially important during a major rebranding effort, helping customers get accustomed to the new font and design. If you really want to make an impression, purchase carts and baskets that offer plenty of real estate for your new logo. Generally speaking, the larger and more visible your logo, the better.

Invest in New Types of Baskets and Carts

Rebranding is about more than appearances, of course. Businesses modify their brand for a number of reasons, but reputational and operational concerns are often a driving force for this change. In other words, you might be rebranding in large part because the previous iteration of your business wasn’t meeting the needs of your customers or propping up your bottom line nearly enough. It’s possible that your carts and baskets were a part of this problem, too — perhaps your old stock was falling apart, you didn’t offer enough options for different types of shoppers, and/or sales were dipping due to a lack of supply. To amend these issues, consider purchasing a wider variety of baskets and carts that satisfy each and every customer. For instance, in addition to stocking up on a proper amount of standard carts and baskets, you might purchase a partial supply of unique shopping carts and baskets (i.e. baskets with wheels, cargo carts, mini baskets, folding carts, etc.) for those with particular shopping habits and needs. Offering vessels that vary in size and function can serve as a fresh start for your business, satisfying more customers and boosting sales as a result.

Adjust Cart and Basket Location

Lastly, location counts when it comes to your carts and baskets. If you want more customers to see and use your new supply, you must make them visible and accessible. The optimal placement and storage solutions for these carts and baskets will differ from store to store, so it’s worth studying shopping trends at your location and testing different cart/basket configurations to determine what works best at grabbing attention and increasing sales.

Rebrand with Brand New Baskets and Carts

When acquiring a new supply of customized shopping carts and baskets, it’s important to consider how they’ll reinforce your brand, improve the customer experience, and boost your bottom line. These are considerations we’re constantly making at Good L Corp., which is why we’re trusted to supply countless businesses with their carts and baskets. Good L Corporation delivers innovative shopping cart and basket solutions for retailers on a global scale. Good L Corp can configure the right carryall strategy to boost your retail business from a fleet of new custom carts to launch your store opening to replacement baskets that supplement your existing shop supply. Let’s get started! Contact us today for a no-pressure sales quote.

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