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5 Effective Ways to Get More Customers Inside Your Store

Person paying at a store with a card

As retail store owners know, the onset of the internet and e-commerce has changed the way people shop. With approximately 75% of people using the internet for shopping, the lure of shopping in the actual store has decreased exponentially. Although physical locations have some distinct advantages over online retailers, they are impossible to capitalize on…

How Kiddie Baskets Can Enhance Your Store’s Atmosphere

Kid in a shopping cart at a store

Have you ever seen a child carrying a tiny shopping basket? You may have thought to yourself, “Oh, how cute!” These baskets are more than adorable store additions, though. In reality, these miniature versions make life for parents and store owners so much easier. Not only do they improve the atmosphere of your store, but…

Plastic vs. Wire Shopping Cart: Which Is Best for You?

Row of red shopping carts.

Although it may not seem like it at first, having the right shopping cart in your store makes all the difference. It is a resource that continues to be used when shopping for goods, which is why you need to really do your research before deciding on what type of cart you should order. The…