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The Importance of Sanitized Shopping Equipment in the Post-Pandemic Retail World

A metal shopping cart

As the world emerges from the shadows of the pandemic, the retail landscape has been altered, with hygiene and sanitation now at the forefront of consumer concerns. For retailers across industries, ensuring the cleanliness of shopping carts and baskets isn’t just about meeting a higher standard of cleanliness; it’s about adapting to a new normal where customer safety and trust are paramount.

Baby on Board: Considering Child-Friendly Features in Your Shopping Cart Selection

Little boy in a child-friendly shopping cart.

Smart retailers know that accommodating the needs of every shopper is key to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment. This is especially true for families, who often navigate stores with little ones in tow. There are unique challenges and opportunities presented by this demographic, emphasizing the importance of incorporating child-friendly features into shopping cart selections….

The Wheels on the Cart: A Guide to Choosing the Right Mobility for Your Shoppers

Closeup of shopping cart wheels.

The shopping cart: it’s an indispensable ally to shoppers, offering not just a place to stash finds but a companion through the aisles of discovery. However, how much thought have you given to the actual wheels of your shopping baskets or carts? The choice between fixed, swivel, or multi-directional wheels can significantly impact ease of…