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Does Your Store Have Enough Shopping Baskets for the Holiday Season?

A shopping basket filled with wrapped gifts

The holiday season is a symphony of hustle, bustle, and cheerful jingles, with stores teeming with eager shoppers looking for the perfect gifts and festive treats. But during this time, one crucial question arises for retailers: “Does our store have enough shopping baskets for this holiday season?”  This seemingly minor detail can greatly influence customer…

What Does Winter Do to Shopping Carts and Baskets?

Rows of shopping carts outside.

When winter makes its arrival, many of us are excited about the pristine snow, the holiday spirit, and the cozy indoor comforts. But, just as winter affects us, it also affects everyday items, including our trusty shopping carts and baskets. These utilitarian items, often overlooked, face a series of challenges due to the cold weather…