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4 Questions to Ask when Buying Shopping Carts and Baskets

Group of animated shopping carts

We’ve gone over many times that a store’s carts and baskets are more than merely shopping vessels — they’re marketing and branding tools as well. The shape, size, color, and logo of a business’ shopping baskets and carts say something about its brand identity in both tangible and intangible ways. This messaging ultimately has an…

Buying Shopping Baskets for Your TN Business? Work with a Local Company

Man putting together a hand basket

What do grocery stores, specialty shops, pharmacies, convenience stores, boutiques, etc., all have in common? Aside from the obvious answers (i.e. they’re all places of business), they all better serve their customers by providing them with shopping baskets. If you own or operate such a business, then, shopping baskets and carts are significant assets, helping…