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The Wheels on the Cart: A Guide to Choosing the Right Mobility for Your Shoppers

Closeup of shopping cart wheels.

The shopping cart: it’s an indispensable ally to shoppers, offering not just a place to stash finds but a companion through the aisles of discovery. However, how much thought have you given to the actual wheels of your shopping baskets or carts? The choice between fixed, swivel, or multi-directional wheels can significantly impact ease of…

Is a Plastic Rolling Shopping Basket on Wheels Safe for My Store and Customers?

shopping cart

Whether you’re equipping your brand new store, opening a second location, or simply upgrading all your equipment and supplies this year, you may be looking into a handful of solutions for your shoppers. And take it from us, there are plenty of options out there – from shopping baskets to plastic shopping carts to specialty…

Upkeep and Maintenance for Shopping Baskets with Wheels

Two wrenches

Your property is your responsibility, including your shopping carts and baskets. If you own a retail or grocery store, your baskets and carts are crucial components to your success. Not only are they convenient, but they encourage shoppers to grab more items off the shelf and improve their overall experience. Of course, every store is…