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Choosing the Right Size and Shape for Your Store’s Shopping Baskets and Carts

Woman shopping with a blue shopping basket.

The retail environment is riddled with intricate variables, each meticulously engineered to optimize the shopping experience and, ultimately, bolster sales. An often-overlooked but integral component of this ensemble is the shopping basket or cart. These receptacles can often be the last frontier between a customer’s decision to purchase more items or to limit their buying….

How Are Shopping Carts Made?

A line of shopping carts

Shopping carts are an integral part of our daily lives, often unnoticed as we go about our regular shopping routines. But for retail store owners or managers, the value of a high-quality shopping cart can’t be overlooked. These handy devices are the result of a complex manufacturing process. Depending on the manufacturing company, this process…

What Do Customers Look for When Grabbing Shopping Baskets?

A shopper holding a shopping basket

When a customer walks into a store, the first thing they often seek is a shopping basket. Unbeknownst to many store owners, a multitude of factors go into this seemingly mundane decision. Understanding these factors can significantly improve a customer’s shopping experience and, consequently, enhance customer retention and sales. There are a host of considerations…

Shopping Carts Left in Parking Lots: How It Happens and How to Prevent It

A shopping cart in a parking lot

Have you ever heard that what you do with your shopping cart when you’re done with it says a lot about you? You’ve probably noticed this phenomenon before—shopping carts left haphazardly in parking lots, abandoned on sidewalks, or even stolen outright. These situations are more common than you might think, and they carry substantial implications…

Shopping Carts Made From Metal or Plastic: Which Are Right for Your Store?

shopping carts

When it comes time for that initial order or replacement of a fleet of shopping carts for your store, you may find yourself mulling over some questions about what to purchase. How large do your carts need to be? What kinds of features will they require for your target shoppers? And are metal or plastic…