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Can Shopping Baskets Help Track and Increase Sales?

Grocery store produce section

At face value, it might seem that shopping baskets only serve a single purpose: to help customers gather products from the aisles and carry them to the checkout lane. However, while this is the main and most obvious application for shopping baskets, there’s more to these retail vessels than meets the eye. In fact, your…

Retail Trends: Should You Carry Mini-Carts for Kids?

Animated shopping cart with food

For decades now, there has been an ongoing, sometimes vitriolic debate among shoppers about whether or not retail and grocery stores should carry mini shopping carts for kids. And the jury is still out. Today, shoppers will encounter stores both big and small that either offer these small carts, never carried them in the first…

Where to Place Your Carts and Baskets for More Sales

Swipe Machines at Retail Stores

If you run a retail business or grocery store, your main priorities are customer satisfaction and sales. Providing customers with functional shopping carts and baskets serves both of these purposes. These tools make it easier for customers to shop around the store while incentivizing them to purchase more items by filling their baskets as they…