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What Do Customers Look for When Grabbing Shopping Baskets?

A shopper holding a shopping basket

When a customer walks into a store, the first thing they often seek is a shopping basket. Unbeknownst to many store owners, a multitude of factors go into this seemingly mundane decision. Understanding these factors can significantly improve a customer’s shopping experience and, consequently, enhance customer retention and sales. There are a host of considerations…

Best Carts for the Holiday Rush

Woman Holiday shopping with a shopping cart

The end of October marks the beginning of the holiday season, two jam-packed months of family gatherings, feasts, and shopping trips. For most retailers and grocery stores, there’s no busier or more lucrative time of year. This typical spike in sales doesn’t happen all on its own, however. To get the most out of the…

Best Shopping Carts for Hardware Stores

Man and woman shopping.

Your hardware store is a one-stop-shop for DIY types, contractors, and more. With so many products on your shelf, you can expect customers to pick up more than a few items when they stop in. Rather than make these customers carry everything in their arms, you’ll want to supply baskets and/or carts to make the…