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What Do Customers Look for When Grabbing Shopping Baskets?

A shopper holding a shopping basket

When a customer walks into a store, the first thing they often seek is a shopping basket. Unbeknownst to many store owners, a multitude of factors go into this seemingly mundane decision. Understanding these factors can significantly improve a customer’s shopping experience and, consequently, enhance customer retention and sales. There are a host of considerations…

What Do Your Shopping Baskets Say About Your Store?

Man putting something in his shopping basket

You know that your customers’ shopping experience at your store is a comprehensive journey—it begins when they park their car in your parking lot and extends to their experience navigating your aisles and checking out with your sales clerks. But you may not realize that your shopping baskets—a critical piece of the customer journey—can convey…

How Shopping Baskets on Wheels Are Different From Carts

Black shopping cart in a grocery store.

You’re a business owner looking to make the investment of a fleet of shopping carts or shopping baskets for your store. But when weighing these options, you might be wondering: what is the difference between a basket and a cart? Let’s answer this crucial question with some pros and cons of each, so you can…