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Inventory Management – Why Do You Need It?

Retail stores would not exist without inventory – customers need something to put in their carts! Maintaining a precise and accurate level of inventory is paramount to running a successful and efficient business. Inventory issues affect more than just your bottom line; it can cause a negative customer experience and even disrupt manufacturing and other operations….

Be Seen, Get Used – Why You Should Have Shopping Baskets that Stack High

When it comes to shopping, customers’ ability to carry more items increases the amount of items they can buy, potentially resulting in more sales for your business. That is why shopping carts and baskets are vital parts of the retail shopping process; because they allow customers to hold onto and purchase more items. Now, the…

Shopping Cart Maintenance – How to Avoid Costly Replacements

So, you’ve just purchased a whole new fleet of bright and shiny shopping carts for your retail store, now what? You obviously want them to last as long as possible, and if you purchased your shopping carts from the Good L. Corporation you know that you’ve got the most durable shopping carts out there. However, even the most well-built…