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What to Do when Your Customers Need Something Larger Than Baskets in a Small Store

Hand holding a very small basket.

A little shopping basket can go a long way, especially if your store primarily sells smaller objects, such as souvenirs, makeup items, travel-sized products, snacks, etc. Smaller stores may stick with smaller baskets to save space, too. However, these spatial limitations can take a toll on your business’s bottom line. The more stuff you sell,…

Why Extra Large Baskets Are Perfect for Your Boutique

Extra large hand baskets

When you think about a boutique shop, you probably think “small,” “local,” “specialized,” and “high-end.” While all of these words apply to most boutiques, every boutique is unique – and just because these shops tend to be more intimate than their big-box chain counterparts doesn’t mean that they don’t have big things to offer. If…

Large Baskets: Do They Encourage People to Buy More?

Shopping cart full of food

Retail marketing experts are armed with a number of clever strategies to drive sales. These methods range from subtle to somewhat obvious, but they’re effective nonetheless. For instance, a store might regularly change the location of products to keep shoppers inside and entice them with new items. Or, they might regularly advertise limited-time sales to…